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I went to my little sisters wedding where she had a photobooth for the guests to use. I looked at this and said, "I can make this better". Adding props, photo's that were customized for the event, and having a person on hand to pretty much take care of the booth (its running and getting rid of it, so everyone can just focus on having fun). Snappy PhotoBooths was started after I saw a need for this type of service in the central Indiana area.  

Here is some "Snappy" math...add up having gone to school for my business degree, a interest in technology and how it intermingles, and a sluggish economy...what does that equal? An opportunity to share what we experienced at my sisters wedding and make it a little better. I took what I had learned in school, information I picked up from my own interests, and my best artistic abilities to create Snappy PhotoBooths (and Snappy the Turtle). 

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